Privacy policy


We receive customers' personal information with responsibilty.
We protect customers' personal information and furnish credibility and security to customers.
We abide act on the protection of personal information and handle personal information properly.

1. About acquisition of personal information

We receive personal information without any injust acts. We may collect personal information in the following case.

  1. Consultation, Inquiry

2. About use of personal information

We use personal information in the following cases. We use personal information excluding the following cases after we consent the customers.

  1. To contact for a response of consultation and inquiry.
  2. To use for statistical information which doesn't specify personal information.

3. About safety management of personal information

We take steps properly to protect personal information from personal information of leaking, missing, damage and so on.

4. About consignment of personal information

In a case which we consign personal information to a third party, we check and manage it harshly to provide for safety management of personal information.

5. About provision to a third party

Except in the case of being established by act on the protection of personal information, we don't purvey parsonal information to a third party without customers' agreement.

6. About disclosure and revision of personal information

We disclose the personal information promptly when a customer offer, but we don't disclose it if we can't realize the offer is from the person himself. We revision, add and delete personal information from a offer of the person himself after reseaching, but we don't disclose it if we can't realize the offer is from the person himself. If you have any questions, please contact us to the following contact information.

【Contact information】
Corporate name Itoi Factory Inc.
Address 2‒3, Takamatsu‒cho, Hyogo‒ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan (652‒874)
TEL +81-78-681-7121

7. Organization & Structure

Our representative director is a personal information custodian. We continue managing personal information properly.

8. Other notes

Any websites and service of third parties which are on our website have different rules of personal information and data collection from ours. Accordingly, we don't have any responsibilities for them.

9. About continued improvement for managing personal information

We revamp management practice of personal information continuously.

10. About change of policy

This policy may change. Except in the case specified separately, a policy after changing the previous policy comes into force when it is published on this website.

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ITOI plastics Co.,Ltd

  • 2-3, Takamatsucho, Hyogo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 652-0874, Japan
  • TEL:+81-78-681-7121
  • FAX:+81-78-681-3212
  • Open weekdays: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Closed saturdays, sundays & Holiday


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